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10 things only 90s introvert Scorpio Indigo children will appreciate:

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

1. The time My Little Pony killed Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
2. The opera “Rigoletto.”
3. Topanga discovering her womanhood with a Care Bear.
4. When Mufasa and Simba killed and ate a gazelle as it was pleading for its life.
5. The time their Tamagotchi’s told them that “Freedom is to ask nothing, to expect nothing, to depend on nothing.”
6. When they found out that Mary Kate and Ashley Olson were time-displaced versions of the same 7-dimensional elder god.
7. Floppy disks!
8. School shootings that used *semi*automatic weapons.
9. Michael Jordan winning the World Pog-Eating Championship.
10. The death of God.