"Barbarian Sword!"

by James DiGiovanna, PhD


Part 1: Barbarian!

Barbarian sees Large Breast Woman. Bad Man is menace to Large Breast Woman! Barbarian sword hits Bad Man dead.

Large Breast Woman tells story: Large Breast Woman’s father sold Large Breast Woman to Evil King. Bad Man is employee of Evil King.

Barbarian: Evil King angry with Barbarian?

Large Breast Woman: Yes!

Barbarian and Large Breast Woman flee to icy north.

Part 2: Castle for Evil King!

Evil King: Where is Large Breast Woman?!

Obsequious Man: Sorry! Sorry! Large Breast Woman captured by Barbarian!

Evil King (to Soldier Men): Kill Obsequious Man!

Obsequious Man: No! No! (dies)

Evil King: Now kill Barbarian and bring Large Breast Woman!

Soldier Men: Yes sir!

Part 3: Icy North!

Barbarian and Large Breast Woman are wearing dead animal fur. Crunch in the snow tells Barbarian: Soldiers!

Soldier Men: Give us Large Breast Woman, also, die!

Barbarian: No.

Barbarian sword kills soldiers!

Last Living Soldier Man: Don’t kill me.

Barbarian: Where is Evil King?

Last Living Soldier Man: In big castle.

Barbarian: Ok, die.

Barbarian and Large Breast Woman go to big castle!

Part 4: Battle!

Castle guard person: No coming in.

Barbarian sword kills castle guard person.

More castle guard persons come, but Barbarian makes them die.

Barbarian: You die now Evil King!

Evil King: To me, my guards!

Silence of no guards alive.

Evil King: Aaaaah! (dies)

Barbarian sits on throne, Large Breast Woman next to him.

The End. Coming soon: Volume II: Barbarian King!

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