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Sunday, October 11th, 2009

In the modern world we fail, sometimes, to stop and smell the poems about roses. So from now on, Spoonbot will dedicate itself to celebrating this highest artform. Send us your poems, and, though we won’t publish them or anything, we will give them big retirement parties and make jokes about how they used to do their secretaries and we’ll all laugh, but really, it’s pretty sad, because that’s it. You’re out of a job.

Three Poems to Start Us Off:

1) Shy and Starving

remember that time
in Guatemala
when you kissed my Froot Loops

well, I’ve thought about it
fuck you!

2) The Good Woman of Says Juan

That’s quite a banana
not it’s size or anything
that the vulgar people would understand
I’m talking about
it’s axial orientation
you faggot

3) Under where?

Pepe and Luisa
are returning the shrimp
at the raw bar
without the least bit of

Sea monsters loll in your tortoise-thick eyelids
when I fuck you with my resumé
O, Lord of hosts, take it like the bitch you are