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Archive for March, 2010

Action Hero Person!

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Action Hero Person!

Action Hero Person was bitten by superpower, and now he fights: evil!

Action Hero Person is eating sandwich but there is crime. Fight? Fight! Crime is stopped. Flee into night, Action Hero Person! No one thanks Action Hero Person, because identities are secret for reasons.

Action Hero Person watches boat unloading. Evil? Fire-head Man comes to fly and stop crime, but thinks Action Hero Person is villain. Soon they are friends, but only after fighting. Oops, bad guys get away. Now team up! Bad guys are caught, and Action Hero Person says joke while punching.

Whole world is in trouble because of Cosmic Power Villain. Action Hero Person gets call: come to stop Cosmic Power Villain! Call is from Super Team, who do not have Action Hero Person as member, because sometimes justice is lonely. Action Hero Person goes to fight. Many hero persons are there, even Fire-head Man, who is now friend. No hugging! Time for fight!

All is lost, except Action Hero Person makes heroic final gesture of strength, and Cosmic Power Villain is defeated with irony. Action Hero Person looks at Super Team, dies. Super Team says: truly, this was a hero. World says: Action Hero Person gets statue, positive regard.

It is next month: something is stirring in darkness. A figure with same shape and monthly title as Action Hero Person. Could it be?