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My Romance Novel, “Chastity Opening”

Precis for “Chastity Opening,” the sequel to “Chastity Aflame.”

Chastity is in New York city, in 2003 (the most romantic year). All the great labor leaders of the past (Joe Hill, Eugene V. Debs, Samuel Gompers, basically any sexy-hot unionist) rise from the dead and come to NY. Chastity is surprised, and then her consciousness of the relation between wealth, infrastructure and the exploitation of the worker is raised. The labor leaders shamble to Chinatown, where they all get waxed (this is the most important sequence, and really needs to capture the essence of pulling hair off the scrotums of men who fought for the 5-day workweek). Chastity, seeing the tender flesh of Joe Hill’s inner thigh, begins to fellate, not so much him, but the very concept of wage equity. Later, a typhoon washes them all to sea.

Sequel: Chastity Adrift! coming soon.

Fabio Labor

3 Responses to “My Romance Novel, “Chastity Opening””

  1. Anna Says:

    I think it should be a tycoon that washes them to sea instead. That way the justice is poeticker.

  2. Penelope Putzwobbler Says:

    I like the part where they Smoot 69’s Hawley.

  3. aadeniyi Says:

    The title is one with suspense, and not self-explanatory. The sequence as well, has little or no correlation to the contextual meaning of the word “Chastity” and it portrays little or no romance in it.

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