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This is another “Fun With Numbers!” post, and I’ve decided that these will be known as “Fumbers!” posts. It’s short for “Fun With Numbers!” I had thought that perhaps a better name would be “Funbers!” but then I thought that that was too hard to pronounce. Although maybe “Funumbers!” would be better, incorporating more of both words. But then the word “with” might feel left out, so maybe “Fuwumbers!” Ok, let’s go with “Fuwumbers!” as short for “Fun With Numbers!” Feel free to suggest another variant, but keep in mind that in any iteration, the important element is the final exclamation point, as it’s the true source of the fun.

Anyway, here’s our Fun With Numbers! or “Fuwumbers!” post for the day:

It’s nearly impossible to count up to infinity, because at around a trillion, your throat gets dry. Thus, school children fail to understand the immensity of infinity. So! The trick is to count backwards from infinity! That way, you really can make some progress.

So I’ll start you off, and then keep going until you get to a nice, familiar number like forty two billion and six:

Infinity minus one.
Infinity minus two.
Infinity minus three.
Infinity minus four

Ok…ready! Now you continue on!

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