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More Cliff Notes to the Cliff Notes

Lord of the Rings: An old man asks a eight people of varying heights to help him return some jewelry.

Odyssey: On his way home from work, a man gets terribly, terribly lost.

Paradise Lost: An angry man who lives in the sky goes overboard in dealing with competitors.

Oedipus the King: A long-lost boy comes home to his parents, with mixed results.

The Scarlet Letter: Iron-on lettering is invented prematurely, and with unfortunate consequences.

Rhinoceros: A fad gets out of hand.

Waiting for Godot: Two men have radishes for lunch.

Candide: An effort to look on the bright side meets some difficulties.

Lord of the Flies: A fat kid has trouble fitting in.

Antigone: A disagreement about funeral arrangements leads a new king to make some bad choices.

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