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Philosophical Works

Currently, the best way to check out my philosophical work is on my academia edu page and on my philosophy blog, Popular Metaphysics.


This page used to contain a list of some of my works; below I’ve left in some of the ones that aren’t accessible on the Academia Edu site, either because they are just rough notes or because, umm, I dunno, I didn’t link to them there. In any event, what follows is very out of date, and if you’re interested in my philosophical work the links above are the best place to look.

A virtue theory of aesthetics (link goes to rough notes,)
Complexity in ethics (again, rough notes),
Understanding as essential to knowledge, (link goes to rough version, in pdf, of a paper on epistemic value of understanding)
The perfect Gettier problem, (it’s the first to make use of the abilities of supervillains to interfere with our knowledge claims.) It overcomes, I think, the four most common objections to Gettier cases: that there’s a false link in the inferential chain, that the inferential chain is not relevant to the knowledge, that the elements of the inferential chain are not causally related to the truth of the knowledge claim, and that Doctor Doom was not given the respect that is his due.

Issues in ethics and identity are dealt with in two papers for popular volumes; the ethics piece is from “Batman and Philosophy” and serves as an introduction to Western ethics. The identity piece, also introductory, is from “Watchmen and Philosophy.” I can’t include the “Watchmen” piece here, as it’s to be printed with almost no editing, but the Batman piece had an early form that’s largely different from the printed form. That early version is here.

An essay “Worldmaking As Art Form” appeared in the Summer, 2007 issue of “International Journal of the Arts in Society.” An early version of that essay can be found here.

My essay “Losing Your Voice on the Internet” appears, strangely, all over the internet, and in many syllabi.

The books Batman and Philosophy and Watchmen and Philosophy are available at Amazon, as is High Noon on the Electronic Frontier.