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Best Children’s/Young Adult Books of 2016

George Washington and the Beach Garbage Gang
By Calpurnia Blinderwilf

Jenny’s Lonely Menstruation Vacation
By Richard C. Patrick III

The Masters of Boogertown
By Entreaty Wildmeat

Pipi Pantaloons and the Marginal Tax Rate Monster
By Rapella Infibulatora

Flembert, Master of Flembing!
By Hampurtia al Bonko

The Fishmonger Friends Meet The Laugh Buddies’ Happy Blood Buddy Pals
By Embrazada Turfmilfer

Johnny Terwilleger’s Christian Struggles #3: Johnny and the Menacing Negresses
By Adashe ben Motumbe

The Island of Vestigial Children
By Cadmisha Gruntinghorse

The Secret World of Adult Loving
By Ahmed Shimmelstein-Yamasuko

Date Knight 2: Guinevere, and the Premature Swordsman
By Priscilla Whimpersoul

The Cat in the Hat Is a Gender Essentialist
By Dr. Phloogz

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